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Basic concepts

Personal data:

data which can be associated with the data subject (especially the name or identification code, or one or more pieces of information specific to the physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of the data subject), as well as any conclusion deductible from the data regarding the data subject. In the course of data handling, the personal data retains the aforementioned quality as long as its relation to the data subject is restorable. The relation with the data subject is restorable if the controller is in the possession of the technical condition which is necessary for the restoration.


the voluntary and expressed declaration of the will of the data subject, which declaration is based on appropriate information, and by means of which the data subject provides his or her unambiguous consent to handling the personal data concerning him or her – either wholly or in some operations.

Data handling:

regardless of the method applied, any operation or set of operations performed on the data, in particular the collection, recording, registration, organization, storage, alteration, use, query, transmission, disclosure, coordination, combination, blocking, erasure or destruction of the data, as well as the prevention of the further use of the data, taking photographs or making audio or video recordings of the data.

General conditions of use

The objective of VPP group is to publish accurate and complete information on the website in connection with the group’s activities. Users are advised, however, that the information and data published on the website of VPP group data are indicative and are subject to change to the discretion of VPP group or the operator of the external links. In this respect, VPP group cannot assume liability for the accuracy and completeness of the information and data available.

This website contains links and hyperlinks to other websites which are operated by other service providers. VPP cannot assume liability for using the data and information accessed through the aforementioned links or the operation or content modifications of the websites operated by another service provider.

In conformity with the aforesaid, Users may only visit and use the websites of VPP group exclusively on their own responsibility. In conformity with and within the framework of the provisions of the relevant legal regulations, VPP excludes all responsibility which may arise against the user in relation to the operation of the website.

Data handling and data protection

The protection of Users’ personal data is extremely important for VPP group. The operation of the website of VPP group and all the content accessible thereon is in line with the Hungarian data protection legal regulations.

Handling of personal data

VPP uses your personal information to answer your questions, process your orders, and provide access to discount offers or newsletters and special information.

VPP will only keep personal information about you if you make this information expressly available, such as request information, submit registration for an event or electronic newsletter, submit a request for business offer, or participate in a VPP survey. VPP only handles personal information for the sole purpose specified in the privacy policy and only to the extent and for the duration necessary to attain it.

By providing your personal information, you agree that VPP will record and handle your data as long as you do not explicitly initiate the deletion of your data and the statutory conditions for deletion are in effect.

VPP warrants that it will not sell your personal information to a third party and that your personal information will not be disclosed to third parties in any way for a sale.

Automatically recorded information (non-personal data)

Our servers automatically register the IP-address of our users, the type of the operating system and browser they use, as well as some other information during logging into the website. We will not link this information to an individual and will exclusively use it in an aggregated and processed form in order to correct any errors in and to improve our services, as well as for statistical purposes. The IP address and the log file may be qualified as personal data in certain cases.

The system automatically logs the data which are recorded automatically without any separate statement or action on behalf of the User during logging in and out. These data are only accessible for VPP.


Some of our services may install a unique identifier file, a so-called cookie on the computer of our users. Your operator will not send you a separate notification about this. Cookies only serve for facilitating the technical identification of users and operating the site at the highest possible level and VPP does not use them for any other purposes.

The User is able to delete the cookies from his or her computer or set his or her browser to disable the application of cookies. Simultaneously with disabling the application of cookies, the User acknowledges that without using cookies the operation of the website is not full-fledged. Disabling the acceptance of cookies by the user – the precise method of which is explained in the manual of the user’s browser – does not prevent the use of our services.

Spamming, advertising e-mails

With the exception of IP-addresses, we do not collect any data suitable for accessing users individually (such as e-mail addresses). We do not send users any unsolicited informational material, we do not combine any personal data which may be incurred during the use of the website with any other data available about the user.


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Mailing address: VPP Energy Zrt., 1518 Budapest, P.O. Box: 65.


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