Risk management & warranties

The essence of the integrated energy solution is that VPP replaces the existing energy supply of the energy-intensive consumer with a highly reliable and flexible onsite energy production system.

This new basis for energy supply provides numerous advantages in tandem with additional warranties provided by VPP:

Increased supply security

  • Network supply remains available

  • New production and storage capacities further increase supply security

  • Original equipment are not removed

Cost saving from

  • No system usage fee for onsite consumption

  • Self-balancing and optimized balancing energy costs

  • Energy supply always taken from the most cost-effective source (real time)

  • Technology-driven energy and cost efficiency

  • Demand-side management generates lower consumption and extra capacity fee income

Bank financing

  • Low-interest bank loans and treasury services

  • Fixed term proportionate to investment value and potential cost savings

  • Tendering improves financial efficiency

Commodity risk management

  • Transparent annual, quarterly or monthly price indexing based on TTF and HUPX prices

  • Application of fixed price formula


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