Solar plant operation and subsidy administration

VPP provides comprehensive energy services to companies and municipalities for production management, scheduling, operation and subsidy administration of commercial solar systems with an installed capacity of 50-500 kW or more, as follows:

Virtual power plant services

  • 24/7 remote operation monitoring*

  • Accurate weather forecasting

  • Individual** and combined scheduling and administration

  • Online Client Portal and mobile app

Maintenance and repair

  • Periodic maintenance of equipment

  • Operation diagnostics

  • Error detection, alarm and error detection with remote monitoring

  • Troubleshooting

  • Manufacturer warranty administration

On-site services

  • Execution of mid-voltage connections

  • Periodic cleaning of solar panels

  • Spatial planning and maintenance, lawn mowing

Solar plant administration

  • Monthly and periodic production forecasts for energy authority (MEKH)

  • TSO/MAVIR forecasts

  • Data service and administration towards network operators (auxiliary operation)

  • Administration of balance group contracts

Safety and security

  • 24/7 security system monitoring*

  • On-site support and administration in case of incidents


  • Facility and risk insurance policies

  • Insurance administration


*Via VPP’s Virtual Power Plant Dispatch Center

** Day-ahead and Intraday

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Operation of solar plants with virtual power plant integration


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