Business Model

By successfully combining business and technology innovations, VPP has developed a pioneering business concept based on the powerful synergies between existing energy market segments. This enables us to provide comprehensive services to energy producers and consumers alike.

Our Virtual Power Plant Solution (VPPS) is a robust IT structure which connects energy producers and consumers to each other and to other market segments in real time through a smart grid. The virtual power plant operates 24/7 without interruption.

Overview of VPP services


We offer Sales & Production Management (SPM) for energy producers as follows:

Energy producers offer up their free capacities to VPP’s Virtual Power Plant. VPP purchases the capacity flexibilities from energy producers, manages the power plant production based on real-time sales demands and sells the electricity produced on multiple markets at the same time: on the Hungarian Power Exchange (HUPX), on the balancing energy market and directly to end-users. All this leads to higher margins for small-scale power plants without the additional costs of sales and balancing energy.

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We offer Integrated Energy Solution for energy intensive consumers as follows:

VPP replaces consumers’ existing energy supply and offers a new customized onsite technology solution. This innovative production, storage and network set-up optimizes the usage of energy sources – whether generated onsite or supplied by the network – in real time. VPP provides a complete energy supply of the power and heat required for the consumer’s production and facility operation without limiting consumption. In addition, it utilizes onsite energy-producing technology to generate additional income for energy producers, while ensuring lower energy costs and a more flexible and reliable energy supply with long-term sustainability.

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By inventing and operating its Virtual Power Plant Solution (VPPS), VPP created a sustainable new energy model which

  • offers sustainable long-term business advantages,

  • is continuously updated in line with international energy system trends,

  • relies on the domestic traditions and advantages of decentralized power generation systems,

  • offers an efficient and flexible means of power generation and services by connecting IT and energy systems.

Company Profile

VPP is an innovative power & technology company with over 15 years of experience in the energy supply.
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VPP offers energy project development, full circle energy supply and virtual power plant services.
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