VPP power plant portfolio

VPP currently holds 100% ownership in two combined heat and power plants in Hungary.

CHP small-scale power plant in Újpalota, Budapest

  • Technology: 3 CHP gas engine units

  • Type of CHP gas engines: Wartsila Finland Oy 20V34SG

  • Built-in electrical capacity: 3 x 7.74 MWe = 23.22 MWe

  • Built-in heat capacity: 3 x 7.4 MWt = 22.2 MWt

  • Heat consumer: FŐTÁV Zrt.

The combined heat and power plant was commissioned on 1 June 2005 at the site of the capital district heating company (Főtáv) located in Budapest’s District 15, Újpalota. Within the framework of a tendering procedure, CHP Erőmű Kft. received the opportunity to realize the investment from 4.6 billion HUF. The project was financed by CIB bank and developed by EGI Rt. As a result of the investment, primary energy consumption of the power plant dropped by 43%, which was transferred to residential heat consumers in the form of a reduction in heating prices.

The Újpalota CHP small-scale power plant was the largest combined heat and power plant in Hungary to operate under VPP’s virtual power plant since the termination of the feed-in tariff system in 2011. As of 1 April 2016, CHP Erőmű Kft. has been under the 100% ownership of the VPP Company Group.

CHP small-scale power plant in Eger

  • Technology: 4 CHP gas engine units

  • Type of CHP gas engines: Caterpillar G3516B

  • Built-in electrical capacity: 4 x 1.16 MWe = 4.64 MWe

  • Built-in heat capacity: 4 x 1.35 MWt = 5.4 MWt

  • Heat consumer: EVAT Zrt. (Egri Vagyonkezelő és Távfűtő Zrt.)

The combined heat and power plant was commissioned in 2003 and joined VPP’s virtual power plant as of 1 January 2011. By the end of 2011, VPP acquired 100% ownership of the Eger power plant. The co-generated heat is delivered by the local district heating company EVAT Zrt., and supplies approximately 5,000 households and several institutions in the vicinity of the production site. 

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