Virtual Power Plant Solution (VPPS)

The VPPS (Virtual Power Plant Solution) is a true smart grid solution, capable of ensuring real-time balance between generation and consumption, while the system also provides a high level of flexibility and security in counterbalancing irregularities in electricity production. As a result of this revolutionary innovation, we can offer a supply of electricity more cheaply and efficiently than other current suppliers, while making generation more predictable and consumption more /conscious/. 

The VPPS is an integrated business and technological innovation: besides supporting small power plants with their production management and sales, and by linking them together, it provides our partners with a competitive alternative business model, thanks to the business know-how and built-in optimization solutions.  

VPPS integrates all the hardware, software, business intelligence and the know-how of VPP’s team of experts required for the operation of virtual power plants into a single complex system. In addition, it creates a customized IT system which is able to adapt in a flexible manner to the special needs and characteristics of individual countries, markets and partners.

Our Virtual Power Plant Solution (VPPS) can ensure

  • Connection & virtualization of an unlimited number of decentralized power plants
  • Management of 1000+ MW pools
  • Automated harmonization & optimization of electricity trading (day-ahead, intraday) and production (real-time)
  • Integration of renewable and weather-dependent energy producers – primarily small-scale solar, wind and biogas power plants
  • Fast & flexible balancing energy supply
  • Demand-side management (by direct connection of energy producers and consumers)
  • Real-time supply of end-user portfolios
  • Extremely high security requirements – through the diversification of network connections
  • Country-, market- and pool-specific development & implementation

What makes our Virtula Power Plant Solution special?


Smart Unit

The Smart Unit provides a continuous two-way data link between the small power plants, pools and VPP virtual power plants.
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