Benefits for small-scale power plants

VPP’s Virtual Power Plant provides numerous advantages to small-scale power plants joining the portfolio as VPP Members.

 Increasing income – shrinking risks

  • Market entry opportunity and higher competitiveness

  • Capacity fee and energy fee paid by VPP ensures stable and predictable income

  • Higher margins for small-scale power plants without the additional costs of sales and balancing energy

 Effective trading without extra costs

  • VPP takes over the responsibility of electricity trading from energy producers

  • Price guarantee over HUPX price (power exchange price)

  • Enter new markets – Energy producers enjoy the benefits of VPP’s integrated portfolio, participate in system-level regulation and can sell their electricity directly to end users. These market channels are not available to individual small-scale power plants or only at significantly higher costs.

 No balancing energy costs

  • VPPS creates an opportunity for the self-balance of commercial balance groups and for the optimization of balancing energy costs. As a result, VPP can exempt small-scale power plants from all risks of balancing energy costs.

 Online Client Portal – Transparent financials

  • VPP’s Online Client Portal seeks to provide up-to-date, comprehensive, transparent and traceable information on technical and business aspects of cooperation in the virtual power plant.

 Customer Satisfaction

  • The technical security, flexibility and a high level of financial performance ensured by our Virtual Power Plant Solution has already resulted in very positive customer feedback in the first year of cooperation with the TSO (MAVIR) and small-scale power plants.