VPP provides comprehensive energy services for both heat and power producers and energy-intensive consumers, applying CHP/CCHP and renewable energy technologies. In parallel, VPP is continuously developing its virtual power plant solution, monitoring international energy trends to deliver state-of-the-art solutions and to ensure the top efficiency of its customized onsite energy systems. 


Project development

Development and construction of small-scale power plants using CHP/CCHP and renewable energy technologies

  • Planning, development and construction of small-scale combined heat and power plants

  • Developments required for demand-side management services

  • Planning, development and construction of solar plants

  • Planning, development and construction of wind power plants

  • Implementation of other types of small-scale power plants and heating plants using biomass and biogas technologies


Energy supply

Energy supply for energy-intensive consumers

  • Full power, heat and cooling energy supply
  • Optimized energy usage from onsite production and network supply – we ensure that energy supply is always from the most cost-effective source (real-time)
  • Demand-side management

Production management and operation of small-scale CHP/CCHP and renewable energy power plants

  • Automated production management via VPP’s virtual power plant
  • Balance group services and optimization of balancing energy costs
  • Administration of renewable energy producers operating under feed-in tariff system (KÁT/METÁR)
  • Coordination of heat and electricity production with onsite and market consumption demands
  • Production of balancing energy in the framework of auxiliary services provided for TSO (MAVIR)
  • Client Portal services and reporting
  • Plant operation and fuel management
  • Maintenance and repair services

Energy trading for small-scale power plants using CHP/CCHP and renewable energy technologies

  • Trading electricity produced by small scale power plants connected to VPP’s virtual power plant
    • on the Hungarian Power Exchange (HUPX)
    • on the market of auxiliary services, towards the TSO (MAVIR)
    • o directly for end-users

Ancillary services

  • Primary, secondary and tertiary regulation;
  • Ensuring balancing energy capacity for the TSO (MAVIR)
  • Supporting the system integration of renewable energy producers – primary solar and wind – into the domestic energy system


R&D activity


VPP’S Virtual Power Plant Solution (VPPS) is a tailor-made system which we continuously develop in line with market demands and specifications.

VPPS upgrades

  • Development and implementation of country-, market- and pool-specific virtual power plant solutions
  • System-level integration of solar and wind energy producers
  • Development and implementation of virtual power plant solutions to improve energy storage and the expansion of e-mobility
  • Development and implementation of virtual power plant solutions complying with unique security requirements

Development and operation of smart grid solutions

  • Development and operation of a smart grid solution connecting smart consumers and producers
  • Implementation and operation of smart metering developments
  • Development and operation of smart building solutions

Company Profile

VPP is an innovative power & technology company with over 15 years of experience in the energy supply.
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Business Model

VPP's business model is based on the virtual power plant long-term sustainable benefits for both small plants and large energy consumers.
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